About Me

Writing a Biography is enough to make me gag.  But, I think we are products of the talents we are born with that are shaped by the environment we grow up in, so I’ll say a few words about my background without turning it into a novel.

I grew up in Campbell River on Vancouver Island and our house looked across the highway to Georgia Strait.  Beyond that were the Discovery Islands and the Coast Mountains.  It was a constantly changing and dramatic view.  It’s one reason I prefer bold images.

There were three main influences that guided my artistic journey.

The first came from a Life Drawing class I took from Sybil Andrews.  She was a renowned Lino Block artist (unknown to me at the time) who could come along and say a couple of words as you drew and it would open up a whole new area awareness.

Another was a short weekend workshop given by Brian Johnston on watercolour painting.  He had a bold loose approach that I’d never seen before and it really appealed to me.

Finally, the Editorial Cartoon and Comic Cartoon pages of the newspaper made me appreciate the simplicity and power of ink on paper.

Despite being attracted to the visual arts my practical side sent me on two careers that at least had artistic components to them.

One was doing Architectural Design and Drafting and the other was doing Camera and Film Assembly work for commercial printers.

I tried many styles and techniques over the years as time and inspiration would allow me.  Now thanks to advancing technology, I can control the whole process but alas, that also means there’s no one to blame but myself.

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