I’m a visual artist that likes photography for the instant art aspect if you get it right and painting for the control of the image.


For my paintings, I like to show a story.  My goal is to create an image that encourages you to spend a little time looking at what is going on.


For my photographs, I like black and white because the medium emphasizes light and shadow but Fall colours and a few other subjects are too good to convert to black and white.


I’ve tried a lot of art mediums but for my paintings, my favorite was watercolour and ink.  With it, I could put in a little or a lot of detail into the graphic style I like.  Then I discovered art on the iPad and have used it for my most recent paintings.  With it I can produce the same style of work but I have the opportunity to experiment with more colours.


I live and work in Courtenay, BC, Canada after having worked as an architectural draftsman then a commercial printer in Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver and Campbell River.


I grew up in Campbell River and lived across the road from the beach and looked across the water to the dramatic scene of the Discovery Islands and the Coast Mountains.  When I moved away for education and work I realized how good life had been growing up on Vancouver Island.  I was able to move back to the island and eventually built my studio in the backyard.