Courtenay, British Columbia


Welcome to the artwork of my whimsical and irreverent view of life events.

The site is slowly developing.  I'll be adding more information about the artwork and the process over time.

The next artwork to be posted will be two Hockey themed prints I'm working on.

About the Artist

The Present.

Produced in my backyard studio in Courtenay, BC, the work you see here is the result of education, work and life experiences and experimentation.  After years of producing ink and watercolour images, I changed tools and now work mostly with an iPad.  The work continues to evolve.

The Past.

If living across a road from the ocean, viewing the mountains in the background and having two acres to play in while growing up seems idyllic, it was.  Of course, I didn't really appreciate it until I left.

The arts and athletics interested me the most.  And athletics for the doing, the art of movement rather than the competition.  There was running, cycling, skiing and then many seemingly day long pickup games of grass hockey in our personal playing field.

For arts development, there were a variety of courses and workshops attended that ranged from Sign Painting and Cartoon Drawing to Portraiture, Figure Drawing, Oil painting and Watercolour Painting.

My most influential course came from a Life Drawing class I took from Sybil Andrews while still in school.  She was a renowned Lino Block artist (unknown to me at the time) who could come along and say a couple of words as you drew and it would open up a whole new area of awareness.

I came to realize from her,  the commitment required to produce decent images.  I remember her phrase about getting your idea down on paper as working in a white-hot atmosphere then the real work began as you refined your image over and over again.

Since I doubted I could survive on artwork alone, I worked at two careers that had some artistic content.

First was Building Design and Architectural Drafting and the second was Commercial Printing.

Besides a couple of careers, there were a few short term jobs.  The most memorable was working as an Ice Profiler on a 600 km long ice road north of Yellowknife, NWT.

Below are a few photos of work and life experiences.

A bike tour in Mexico.

Ice profiling part of a 600 km long road in the Northwest Territories.

Using ground penetrating radar to measure the ice thickness while opening the ice road.

Road building interrupted by a Caribou herd.

Watercolour Painting of the old Quinsam Hotel in Campbell River.

Watercolour painting of an old Campbell River waterfront location.

Two cartoon samples of the many contributed to the Quadra Island Newsletter.

A couple of logo designs.

Ski Club Logo

A house design. Before Computer Aided Drafting.

The Backyard Studio.

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